Meet the Founder

silicone strap bike accessory for sunglasses

Andy Houston, Mountain Bike Junkie

Admitted trail and mountain bike junkie, Andy Houston came up with the idea for Shades Monkey while riding uphill for hours in his hometown, and mountain bike mecca, Park City, Utah.

Andy has been mountain biking since 1992, so has the necessary experience of sweating and dealing with sunglasses on a bike. Yes, he used to ride Porcupine Rim in Moab on a full rigid mountain bike. Since then, he has done 24 hour mountain bike races, adventure races, ironman distant tris on and off road, ridden accross country, ultra trail running, and everything between. Thankfully, those days of hard riding are gone, but the problem of dealing with your sunglasses while mountain biking has not been solved, until now. After two years of using a homemade prototype, we have the Shades Monkey to stash your shades while mountain biking.

A New Way to Store Your Sunglasses

Ride hard, sweat hard. Shades Monkey keeps your glasses stashed and easy to reach, no matter where the trail takes you.